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The Entrepreneur’s Performance Gap

Every entrepreneur, manager, and business organization has a set of business values. The term ‘business values’ (as used in this article) does not refer to one’s morals, ethics, or personal standards; rather, it refers to those concepts, ideas, and beliefs that are...
5 Poignant(and hilarious) Quotes from Yogi Berra

5 Poignant(and hilarious) Quotes from Yogi Berra

Today, September 23, 2015, baseball and the world lost one of it’s greats, Lawrence Peter ‘Yogi’ Berra. Reknowned as an incredible athlete and coach, Yogi also possessed a one of the kind wit and the ability to drop one liners incredibly relevant to a variety of situations.

We compiled a list of our favorite Yogi Berra’s one liners and hope that they can bring you some laughter, motivation and joy as we remember this incredible man.

15 Signs You Work at a Start-Up

Working at a start-up company is a truly unique experience. From a sometimes-too-laid-back work environment, to the surprisingly quick opportunity for upward mobility, working for a new organization may leave you wondering if you ever knew life on the outside....

5 Tips to Help Your eCommerce Startup Succeed

Creating a successful eCommerce startup is difficult, but it is getting easier every day to create a retail business online. Suppose you are starting from square one. If you were to sit down at your computer and think to yourself “now what do I do?” or “where do I...

5 Copywriting Tips from Uptown Funk

Like the majority of the world, I have heard Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars song Uptown Funk about a thousand times. I can say, with statistical certainty that, at any point that I turn on popular radio, I will hear the song within an hour – and, which is more, I...

3 Myths of Equity Crowdfunding: Is it Right for Me?

Mary Crouch, author of A+ More Than Just a Grade takes another look at Equity Crowdfunding and looks deeper at three of the biggest myths about it.   Every new business needs essential funding in order to succeed. Crowdfunding, or raising equity through many...

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