Today, September 23, 2015, baseball and the world lost one of it’s greats, Lawrence Peter ‘Yogi’ Berra. Reknowned as an incredible athlete and coach, Yogi also possessed a one of the kind wit and the ability to drop one liners incredibly relevant to a variety of situations.

We compiled a list of our favorite Yogi Berra’s one liners and hope that they can bring you some laughter, motivation and joy as we remember this incredible man.


  1. “When you come to a fork in the road, take it” 


This clever jab about opportunity mocks a variety of traditional advice on about choices by offering a humorous third option – taking the fork. Humor aside, there is a grain of truth to this advice – sometimes the best option between two visible options is the one that is not readily apparent.


  1. You can observe a lot by just watching.


A simple a clever one liner at first glance, the simple wit and wisdom of this quote is that it reminds you that often times, observation is truly just watching – not always interacting or attempting to imitate right away. Paying attention to a situation without immediately taking action or attempting to formulate a plan is a valuable skill for anyone to have.


  1. We made too many wrong mistakes.


Sometimes achieving success is not about making all the right decisions, but often it is about making the correct mistakes – however, things of this sort should be prioritized to avoid making the wrong mistakes – the ones that have more profound consequences. For this reason it is crucial to prioritive and foresee the consequences of actions.


  1. Always go to other people’s funerals, otherwise they won’t come to yours.


Based on the huge outpouring of support and social media buzz about this great man’s death, it is no doubt that his funeral will be abuzz with thousands of mourners… though it is doubtful that any of those in attendance will be those who attended his.

  1. It ain’t over till it’s over



An entrepreneur’s motto – seemingly a simple statement of a reality, the bottom line, which Yogi Berra so eloquently puts here – is that until the game is over, there is a chance that circumstances will change.


While all of us have a heavy heart thinking of the passing of this great man, we firmly believe his legacy will live on in his wit, wisdom and athletic grace. You can read more about Yogi Berra at this site dedicated to him

There are also many great memorial articles written from a variety of different sporting news source, we found this article from the NY Times particularly poignant.

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