Like the majority of the world, I have heard Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars song Uptown Funk about a thousand times. I can say, with statistical certainty that, at any point that I turn on popular radio, I will hear the song within an hour – and, which is more, I will also most likely be able to hop in at any point and sing-a-long. But what you might not expect is that some of the techniques which make this song so engaging and catchy can be applied to writing copy for your website and blog post! So, how can you, dear readers, working on making rocking blogs to help your ecommerce stores utilize this? Check out these 5 CopyWriting Tips From Uptown Funk!

5. It addresses the Audience from the Get Go

The first step to writing good copy is to know who you are writing to and what they want. If you are intimately connected with your audience, as most successful small business and ecommerce merchants are, this should be no issue.

For a large scale operation, it is just as vital to be in tune with your market – and giving them a shout out is almost always a good idea. Bruno Mars does a great job of this when he makes it clear who he is talking to when he says  “This one’s for them hood girls”.

4. It’s VERY positive – about EVERYONE

Complimenting people in your blog is a good idea – as we have talked about before – no one likes to listen to someone complain, and when you talk positively about someone, people are more likely to associate the positive traits that you are describing in someone else with you. Likewise, if you say negative things, they will associate you with that. (Find more about this here – Three Ways You Didn’t Realize You Were Sabotaging Your Conversations)

Bruno Mars hits this very well when he sing about the girls in the “hood”, referring to them when he says “good girls, straight masterpieces”. As they are his target market, this is a great idea – it’s never a bad idea to talk about how much you love your customers.

3. It’s Humorously Self Promotional – and does so GRACEFULLY

Self promoting is not something that 95% of the population can do well. Most people are either a hundred times too hard on themselves, or simply afraid that if they talk about how well they do something for fear of being proven wrong and embarrassed.

Bruno Mars has no such fears, casually talking about what he is doing “stylin, wilin, livin’ it up in the city” but sings in such a way as to bring the audience with him. His attitude isn’t “I’m great, look how great I am, you suck” it’s “I’m great – you are great, come with me!” and it works very well.

This is exactly the sort of thing that good copy should be aimed at doing, letting your audience not only know that you are great – but that you want them to be great with you – and think they have what it takes. Which, by the way – you all do!

2. It has Direct, Simple, Calls to Action

One thing that a lot of copy fails to do is ask the audience to do something – and to give them the opportunity to do something immediately after reading an article. Many authors fear giving any sort of ‘command’ in their copy for fear of sounding obnoxious or bossy. Unfortunately, what happens is that many of these blog posts get read – and immediately forgotten.

However, when handled gracefully, this can be a great tool for an author to get the audience engaged. Anything, from asking the audience to send him or her an email to asking them to share the post with their friends is a great way to build audience engagement and spread the word about your blog.

Bruno does this very well with the following lyrics:

“If you sexy then flaunt it”

“If you freaky then own it”

These lyrics do a great job of giving the audience something they can ‘do’ that makes them feel engaged – and as a dancing song, this provides a great opportunity for the audience to ‘bust a move’.

The best “call to action” line however comes when he says “Don’t believe me just watch” – which gives the audience a challenge and something to do.

1. It’s Very Well Branded

Getting branding right is a big issue for a lot of new businesses. Sometimes they want to be everything to everyone and other times they want to only hit their niche and in attempting to do so, alienate everyone. Furthermore, without the huge budgets of big box stores, small businesses often struggle with having memorable taglines and identifiable slogans.

Bruno Mars shows how one can do this very effectively with the clear, unique refrain “Uptown funk you up”.

This refrain is great because it utilizes imagery from the past, stimulating nostalgia for those who lived through the era of 70s funk and for those who are not familiar it presents something slightly “out there” that catches the ear.

Obviously in writing copy one must be subtler, but the principle remains – repeat, repeat, repeat – change slightly – and then repeat!



Of course – it also has an incredible beat, great dancing and wonderful vocals – which you can’t exactly put in your blog posts – yet!



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